Issues with the W9 vehicle gauge on the National Vehicle Database (VCD74)
The latest standard GERT8073 issue 4.1, Application of Standard Vehicle Gauges did not clearly demonstrate that a section of the W9 gauge between 780mm and 1000mm ARL was only applicable to the inside of the curve between the bogie centres. This section of the gauge has been incorrectly applied to the full length of the gauge in VCD74 and therefore the new model can cause worsened clearances. We are working closely with RSSB to resolve any issues with the gauge as defined in GERT8073 issue 4.1 to ensure our users have access to the correct model and will issue an updated version as soon as possible. In the meantime, we recommend reverting to the W9 gauge (LV-W9_3G-2) issued in VCD73. If you have any concerns then please contact our tech support department.
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